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MLB Network 2019


MLB Network 2019

***UPDATED 03/28/2019***


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Looking for the MLB Network? This channel is available with 140+ Starter, 220+ Preferred or 260+ Preferred depending on your location. To check if you are currently subscribed one of these packages, log into your Xfinity account at Once logged in, click on the TV tab and you will be able to see what television package you are currently subscribed to. Watch MLB Network in high-definition (if your package includes HD).


To find the MLB Network in your area see here.


You can stream MLB Network from our XFINITY Stream App or through the Xfinity Stream portal. At this time, you are able to authenticate with your Xfinity services via the MLB.TV App if you subscribe to MLB Extra Innings. To add MLB Extra Innings to your television package, see here:



Blackout MLB Information

Few Spring Training games are televised locally or nationally. In the event that the same pre-season game is televised nationally and locally, the national network is blacked out because the game is shown on another channel in the local market.

Regular Season
Over the course of the MLB's season, nationally-televised games may appear on FOX, ESPN, FS1, FS2, TBS and the MLB Network. Local blackouts of national networks are common because virtually all games are televised in each team's local market either on a local broadcast station or regional cable network. These local/regional airings are never blacked out. This means you will rarely miss your home team games. You may just need to change the channel to find the game you're looking for.

For an additional fee, you can purchase the MLB EXTRA INNINGS pay per view (PPV) package, a collection of most of the televised games from other markets. The only games in the MLB EXTRA INNINGS package that are subject to blackout are those also carried by your local station/regional cable network.

All MLB Playoff games are televised nationally, and they are not subject to any blackouts. The schedule is sometimes not determined until the last minute, as one day's television schedule sometimes depends on the outcome of the previous day's game(s).


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MLB Network Channel

I checked with Comcast rep today, and I was told that the MLB Network will be available on channel 281 or 283, and that I would be able to view since I have the preferred plus package........  Has anyone else heard?
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Re: MLB Network Channel

When will Comcast add MLB to its HD tier?
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MLB Network live stream



I wanted to know why Comcast Xfinity is part of the providers that provide acces to watch live stream of the MLB Network onlibe thru their website at


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Re: MLB Network live stream

Not on list anymore. If it was there they pulled it.

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MLB Network

Recently I was able to watch MLB network channel 859, then about a week later I received the Included in Subscription message and was no longer able to view. Checking my channel lineup on the app, it shows I should be receiving it. Can someone explain?
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Re: MLB Network

I...I don’t know what to say...


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Re: MLB Network

I posted this a few minutes ago as a separate Post, but there is a workaround for not receiving the games you select and those error messages.


Hit C and then find your game and the Record [instead of watch].  Then go to your recording and start watching.  I fast forward through the commercial breaks until you have reached the end of the recording, at which time the broadcast will be Live.