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Limited channel lineup selections

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Limited channel lineup selections

When will Comcast create a channel line up that allows customers to at minimum remove channels they do not need. I would like the ability to see only English speaking channels & remove the sports channels - however, to 2 channels I watch are in the package with all of those sports channels and Spanish and Asian channels are part of every package. If there were an option to select channels visible within a pkg at a reasonable price, more people would be satisfied in seeing only the channels they want to watch and not feel like they are paying for so many channels they do not want. For example - pkg A select English only  or include all languages in the pkg. option 2 within pkg A select no sports channels except main ABC or include.

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Re: Limited channel lineup selections

The providers who offer these channels to Comcast do not permit an arrangement like you've asked for.


If they chose to offer this to you, Comcast would be in breach of contract, and be sued by the rightsholder of the channels.


A la carte television is often something that consumers ask for, but the current model does not allow. Each channel is negotiated to be in a certain tier, and each channel receives rights fees per subscriber for that tier. The more frequently watched channels are in the higher tiers, Digital Starter, as an example. These are your major cable networks (ESPN, CNN, Fox News, your local regional sports networks, etc.). Because so many channels are owned by so few companies, they have the power to negotiate channels you may not frequently watch with those that you do.


This means that Fox won't often permit Comcast and other providers to carry Fox News without carrying the Big Ten Network, regardless of whether these schools are in your area. ESPN will require Comcast to carry the SEC Network. While this system may not favor consumers, it is the system currently in use, and is not scheduled to change at any point in the near future.