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How to set favorites channels HD (not SD)?

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How to set favorites channels HD (not SD)?

Am I a registered forum user?  I assume I must be or I wouldn't have reached the posting screen.  But it's my 1st time on the forum (I think).  It seems to be acting like I'm "logged in" altho' I haven't given a username/password.  When I sign-in to check my bill, etc I give my email address, not a user name.   Is my Comcast password also my password here?  Can that be changed? Is my FIRSTNAME LASTNAME my user name?  I did not enter that to get here.  Is it case sensitive?  Can it be changed?


Now for questions that brought me here . . . 

I rarely watch tv, largely because I don't know the channel numbers.  

How do I set my remote to show my favorites?  Can I have "Guide" on the remote to show all channels, but with my favorites grouped together?  How do I go to HD channel instead of SD channel when I only know the "regular" local channel number?  For instance, can I set the remote to go to HD channel 804 when I enter SD channel 4?


Re: How to set favorites channels HD (not SD)?

Hi jarhtmd -- Yes, being able to post here does mean you're a registered forum user. Your email address is also the username you sign into the forum with. Your forum username gets created once you've signed into the forum for the first time and is then linked to your email address. The same password you sign into your account with signs you into the forum. You are unable to change your username.


Favorite channels are set from your on-screen guide. Follow this link to learn how to do that:

Use this link for how to filter your guide to show your favorites:

You can set your cable box to auto-tune to HD when you only know the SD channel. Follow this link on how to create that setting: