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High Defintion

I'm a new subscriber to Comcast.  I was with two other subscribers for about 15 years, the last one being DirecTV.  I have purchased sports packages, MLB Extra Innings, NBA Pass, NHL Center Ice for more than a decade.  Imagine my shock and surprise to find that my new provider Comcast still provides most of these high priced sports games in Standard Definition.  The spokesperson I talked to said I should have asked if they offered the games in HD. I didn't think to ask if Comcast broadcast in Color either.  In 2019 you make some assumptons. HD has been in existence for nearly 20 years now.  How backwards can Comcast be to still not be offering all these games in HD.  How disappointing.  I'm going to be forced to go through all the hassle of cancelling now and hooking up with a TV provider that uses technology from this century.  All very disappointing

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Re: High Defintion

Comcast does offer the following:

MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta)
NBA League Pass HD (Beta)
NHL Center Ice HD (Beta)


Have you asked if they are available in your area?