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HD hockey

I have been trying for months to get my NHL in HD.  Xfinity hs offered an varity if explanations.  My reveivers have been reset 5X. I was charged and extra $9,99,,,"waived for the first month" Still no HD

I now have HD because I found a Comcast Email on the internet.

It IS a beta program.  Pause, rewind and fast forward work OK (the clock doesn't what)

It does not support recording.

HEY Xfinity am I going to have to watch an SD signal during baseball season too?  Or should I start seaching for a back door?

How will you compensate me for the first 3/4 of the hockey season I watched in low definition because you supplied me with a crappy signal?  Or, more likely,  will I see a $4.99 charge for this Email?

I'm not so happy and during my research to fix what you couldn't I noticed many other people are upset with you too.