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GRIT TV Channel interruptions/Issues!?

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GRIT TV Channel interruptions/Issues!?

My favorite channel is Grit TV and starting in January, the channel has been acting up lately. For example, when the channel is first turned on, it runs prefectly normal, then after a few minutes of the channel being on, all of a sudden the screen will pause, then go black for a few seconds, and then go back to playing the movie but with no sound, and then lastly the sound comes back, and this same sequence of actions will occur AGAIN after a few minutes, and then just repeats itself over and over, and it is quite annoying because the movie/show keeps being Interrupted by this strange issue!! Also, Grit is the ONLY channel in which this occurs on, all the other channels run perfectly normal! So that rules out any issues with the TV or Cable! Not sure if this happens to anyone else either, but if it does please Comment! And if anyone knows why this happens or a fix also please Comment! Thanks for yalls time!
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Re: GRIT TV Channel interruptions/Issues!?

It doesn’t eliminate the cable as channels all come in on different frequencies. Make sure all your connections are good and tight and if nothing changes you may need a tech to troubleshoot further

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