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Free form network and Fx+

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Free form network and Fx+

We watched free form program Beyond and liked the first few episodes. But got so sick of all commercials for this program and your new network FX+ I don’t think I’ll watch it again!!!! This new network FX+ is it going to cost money? If so forget it!!! Not worth it! Think my contract is up in March or May. We are thinking of going to Direct TV , Amazon or the new one that you put on a window and plug it in to get even premium chanels. I’m retired and hard to avoid $182. A month!!! Think Xfinity is pricing itself out of business. Bet corporate gets raises though! Cut out your self advertising for programs !! TO MUCH commercials period!!!

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Re: Free form network and Fx+

FX+ is is not a 'new' network. It's Fox's way of gouging their customers for guaranteed monthly income. Comcast has nothing to do with it, other than offering some of it's content via OnDemand.