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False Advertising

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False Advertising

Our program guide shows the SEC Channel. I selected the channel and was directed to view my account and select shop/add channels. I upgraded to the Sports/Entertainment package adding 30 additional channels assuming the SEC Network would be there. Nope. 


I called customer Service to be told Comcast didn't carry the SEC Network and it wasn't available. I was disappointed and then disturbed that you taunt me with a channel that you don't carry! You even provide further intructions on how to subscribe to it...but you don't have it! How is this not false advertising?  I don't like paying to being played. Perhaps it's time to stream TV like everyone else for much less per month! 

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Re: False Advertising

@SECII wrote:

I called customer Service to be told Comcast didn't carry the SEC Network and it wasn't available.

"Not available"?  Not only do I get it, but in HD. It's possible that Comcast would provide it only to some parts of the country, but that doesn't make much sense - especially as it's owned by ESPN.


Pardon me for asking, but:
(a) What level of service do you currently have, and
(b) What is your ZIP Code?
It might be that SEC Network is available, but only on a higher level of service, and it would not be part of the separate sports package as a result.

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Re: False Advertising



Welcome to the Xfinity Forum. The information provided by @ThatDonGuy is correct. There are some markets where certain channels may not be available, and it may be in others. Either way, this is determined by the Networks, licensing and agreements that we have with them, or it may only be available for streaming.  


Since you have confirmed it's not available on your cable box, can you please confirm whether or not you can access SEC on either channel 532, or 1321 while using the stream app or portal

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