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Error TVAPP-00401

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Error TVAPP-00401



Since Friday I'm having this error message erveryday : 

"A subscription is required to watch this channel.
Please call 1-800-XFINITY to add it to your service.

Error TVAPP-00401"


Everytime I'm asking an agent to fix it and everytime they just seem to refresh to fix it.

Am I doing something wrong when I connect or something else?

I'm using chrome on a laptop.


Thank you very much for your help.



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Re: Error TVAPP-00401

Today again.

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Re: Error TVAPP-00401

I'm having the same problem after subscribing to STARZ, tech support agent couldnt solve it, and had to schedule a call back advanced tech or something but while i was waiting on the call back I discovered a band-aid fix to my error TVAPP-00401 issue.

Goto and change Best Play Available to OFF. Then go try an watch a stream and select TV GO option not SD/HD 

It worked for me.. temp fix at least until the root cause can be resolved