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Dump Viceland

Viceland is a horrible channel on Comcast and should be removed. They promote drug use, body self mutilation, etc. Also, their viewer ratings are terrible. Surely Comcast can provide better programming than Viceland.


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Hi Gary8888 -- Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this channel. We appreciate your feedback about the programming this channel shows. We would recommend sharing your thoughts here: Channel Feedback. Your suggestions help us to reevaluate our channel lineups as well as our overall content delivery, allowing us to create the best customer experience possible.


Re: Dump Viceland

Alcohol kills more people than weed, but nobody's advocating a return to Prohibition.


Look, not everyone is going to be satisfied with all the channels in the lineup. Many people have strong feelings against Fox News, RT, or MSNBC, but those channels reach a particular audience so Comcast is not just going to drop them (especially since they also own MSNBC). 


If you don't like a channel, you can edit your viewer Guide, set top box, or TV to hide or block it, just like I do with the Adult channels. 

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