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Does technology make your service better?


Does technology make your service better?

It seems not.

That last couple of months sound has been cutting in and out on ABC and CBS channel.    I thought it might be this TV I got, HDMI box possibly.  Except my bedroom TV is cable, basic box and it's happening there too.

It's just momentary like one word cuts out.  It will happen a couple of times then be fine for a bit, then happen again.    Other channels don't seem to have the same issues.

I have had Comcast since early 2000.  It seems the service just gets worse the more technology is added.   At what point will Comcast say 'good steady reliable service is the most important part of this company'?  Because having to contact Comcast (and get someone in my country where I actually have service) is enough of a pain in and of itself.  Having to do it several times a year...makes me question why TV has gotten so expensive when the quality of what I pay for is declining.

At any rate, check your service for area code 99201...sound is cutting in and out on  (ch 104 or 4).  And find out why CBS and ABC have these issues will you?

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Re: Does technology make your service better?

Things like individual channels can’t be checked remotely, if you’d a like a tech to come out let us know

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