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Comcast letter Chnages to your Channels June 19, 2019

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Comcast letter Chnages to your Channels June 19, 2019


Comcast letter Changes to your Channels June 19, 2019. 

 I have Digital Economy Service

 On July 22 I turned on my X1 Comcast TV, and got a WELCOME SCREEN picture no CHANNELS.  So, I unplugged the X1 box and then re connected the power after 30 secs. This should have rebooted the X1 Comcast service!

Waited for the Welcome screen and then the x1 connection screen and finally got a picture on FOX news.

I really had no idea what channels I was losing based on the Comcast letter as it stated that they were removing channels that were NOT included with my Digital Economy Service!  No list was provided or sent to me from Comcast!!

So, I tried to get HLN and got the 3 horizontal dots then this ERROR Message “SORRY, there seems to be a problem.” Error code XR -03121. Have to click OK to get out. SO, I tried another Channel 48 same message not working, then I tried 49 TBS not working either. There may be more that are not but I can’t go through all the Channels to find out!!!

I called Comcast Support, and reached a Comcast Philippine Rep. who was very very respectful, kind and spoke good English.

She remotely made me check all 3 of my X1 boxes and all had the same issues! She then reset my X1 DVR box and still the same issues prevailed.

She then told me she was going to transfer me to another Technical Department for further assistance, then she came back on after a brief hold, she told me that the problem I was having was a major problem in many other places and would not be fixed for 24 to 48 hours or MORE!!

Is any one else having this issue, with this NEW COMCAST CHANGE???

nages to your Channels June 19, 2019.  On July