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Change Regional Sports Channels

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Change Regional Sports Channels

My wife and I grew up in the Chicago area, and currently live in the Indianapolis area. Huge Chicago sports fans. We just switched from DirectTV over to Xfinity and have been happy with most things. The only thing that we are not liking is the regional sports coverage. Is there any way to change which regional channels we get?

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Re: Change Regional Sports Channels

You mean, "change" as in, you want to be able to watch Cubs / White Sox / Bulls / Blackhawks games? Chances are, the answer is, "No, and that's how the sports leagues want it." They want you to buy the packages that include "out of market" teams.


Case in point: in northern California, there are two sports networks (NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California). Since there are two baseball teams in the Bay Area, one is assigned to Bay Area, and the other to California, so everybody in northern California gets both. However, Bay Area is assigned the Warriors NBA team, while California is assigned the Kings, and since they are in cities about 90 miles apart, the NBA makes it quite clear; everybody has to be assigned to be either in the "Warriors area" or the "Kings area," and all cable and satellite providers have to supply a version of each of the two channels for the people in each area that does not include the NBA games for the teams in the other area. For example, I live in the Warriors area, so I have to get the version of NBC Sports California (the Kings channel) that does not include Kings games.

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Re: Change Regional Sports Channels

Here's what's bad. Indianapolis is in-market for NBC Sports Chicago, but Comcast doesn't carry it.


This means there's no legal way to watch the Cubs, White Sox or Blackhawks in Indianapolis with Comcast, outside of the games featured on WGN previously (which have already gone away or will go away by the end of this year). You would be able to get Bulls games with NBA League Pass, as the Pacers prompt a blackout of the Bulls in Central Indiana. DirecTV, Dish and AT&T all carry NBC Sports Chicago, but not Comcast or Spectrum, for what it's worth.


As for why Comcast has refused to fix this issue for years (which many people here have complained about) is beyond me.