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CMT Channel is not Sports categorically

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CMT Channel is not Sports categorically

I think it's ridiculous that CMT has been moved over to the Sports Entertainment Package... I am a digital preferred customer and pay A LOT for my plan..  I think its' underhanded by Comcast/xfinity to take away a channel that's obviously popular.

I'm not one to chime in and complain - but this is ridiculous guys... Bring it back to the FREE category for those who don't have upgraded plans, and FREE to those who have a Preferred Plan. It's the only right thing to do....


Would love CMT and SPIKE TV watchers to chime in and add to this complaint.. Maybe we can make a difference!

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Re: CMT Channel is not Sports categorically

Spike TV no longer exists. It has been rebranded as "Paramount TV" (as in Paramount studios.)


It's not just the number of viewers, but also what the media company is demanding for payment. If the viewership is low enough, and the payment high, then Comcast may push it into a higher or optional package. It's always a juggling act as media companies keep increasing the costs for all of their networks many times the rate of inflation. Some even demand some channels be in certain levels of packages, which means other channels could be forced out to keep costs in control.