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Blurry Sports Channels on 4k TV

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Blurry Sports Channels on 4k TV

Hi all, I just upgraded my TV to a Sony X950G. I'm having issues with various sports channels that look awful like I am watching in 720 and I'm confused if its a setting or how Comcast broadcasts. 


I am in the SF Bay Area, so not sure if my channel numbers match others. 

Equipment: ARRIS XG1v4

Video Display Settings 16:9, 2160p60 4K UHD, Zoom; None

HDMI cable connected to TV


Clear n Good channels: 

The following channels look great whether for Sports or for regular shows you can tell they are in HD. 

- NBC 703 DKNTV 

- HBO 

- FOX NFL Network, 702 KTVUD

- Amazon Prime or Netflix 



- NBC Sports Bay Area, 720 NBSBA, you can barely see the players face. Golden State Warriors playing