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BBC America & World News In HD(29418/29404)

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BBC America & World News In HD(29418/29404)

Back in 2012 a bunch of us asked why we didn't have either channel for BBC America or BBC World News in HD when it was clearly offered by Comcast/Xfinity at the time in other areas, nearby counties, and states, not to mention preview in the local Wal Mart's in the TV section next to the Comcast/Xfinity wall. Yet the only answer we ever got was "Check in 1000's channel listings, it should be"...which it wasn't, it was just a duplicate of the regular SD channel. The broadcaster is clearly sending the signal, becuase other Comcast/Xfinity Customers are getting it with no problemb, yet a bunch of us are still not!

So how is it being a customer for over 12+ years now, and this problem has still not been addressed? Meanwhile the same two SD channels continue to go down in quality like they are back tracking from 240p to 140 at times then back to 240. And before it is mentioned "It could be how you have it hooked up or connected to the box" It is not that, as I'm using an HDMI cable straight out the HD DVR box, to a 60" 4kUHD TV and I can barely read the words that comes on screen because the quality is so horrendous.

Zip codes 29418 & 29404