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AMC Premiere

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AMC Premiere

When I added AMC Premiere to my line-up, I was given the impression from the description and images on the TV line up info that it would include Preacher. However, it only appears to include the Walking Dead shows, Dirk Gently, and one or two others.


Is Preacher something I have to pay for on top of the additional 4.99/month? 

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Re: AMC Premiere


Hello Unrealcity, I show that "Preacher" is an AMC show and it is listed on demand as paid content. Unfortunately we don't control what is listed as paid content on demand, it is up to the network (AMC) that airs "Preacher" to list the past episodes free. You can always set your DVR to record the series so you never miss another episode and you can finish the season.