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request to please lower my bill which has more than doubled in 6 weeks

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request to please lower my bill which has more than doubled in 6 weeks

I have been a customer since moving to FL in 2005 & always pay ontime.  As noted in a previous post, I moved in 2014 & after numerous installation disasters (comcast outside contractor lost cable line in the wall, blew a fuse, destroyed an electric outlet and unnecessarily drilled holes in my ceiling & still couldn't install cable...shouldn't have been difficult since previous owner had cable & internet...wound up with comcast supervisor and waited 3 more days for real comcast employee to fish lines that were lost in the wall and another week for a comcast hired electrician to patch ceiling hole, replace electrical outlet & fuse) I finally had tv & internet.


My tv is paid for through my association fees and includes Digital Starter, HDtv & 2 DTA's plus all broadcast fees & taxes.  I initially paid $29 for Performance Internet (2nd tier) and upgraded to Digital Preferred for $9.95 (so I could watch Turner Classic Movies channel 395)...with taxes my bill was $41.90 which I could afford.  


I was assured by the many people I had to speak with because of the multiple visits to fix the subcontractors mistakes that I would be eligible for additional promotions after the 1st year (they wouldn't give me so much as even a month of service free for blowing out my electrical outlet and fuse or for drilling hole in my ceiling or for the 2 days I had to take off work to wait around for the supervisor, 2nd tech and then the electrician).  So I had my 1st year and dealt with it.


When 1st year was up, my internet jumped from $29.95 to $56.95 -- OMG!!!! And the Digital Preferred went from $9.95 to $17.95...really?   So I called and after much frustration, wound up with a mere $7 credit on just the Digital Preferred to go back to $9.95 and no concession or credit for the numerous installation woes (know it's all in my file).  I was extremely angry but really didn't have time or patience to deal with this any further so for the second year in my present location I paid $66.68 monthly with the taxes (please remember digital starter, HD tech fee & 2 dta's are included with my association fees -- comcast only covers digital preferred and internet).


On the January 2017 bill, the Digital Preferred jumped to $17.95 again and the internet went up to a mind-numbing $64.95 -- this is just 2nd tier service not even BLAST!   Grand total with taxes $84.48 & remember, my Association fees already pay for Digital Starter, HDtv & 2 DTA's....the $84.48 is just for a few extra channels & 2nd tier internet.   After calling customer service & getting no where, I turned to his forum and received an acceptable 1 year promo.


However, once again in 2018, in the span of 6 weeks my bill has more than DOUBLED up to $89.57 for just Digital Preferred and Performance Internet (no premium channels, no hbo/showtime/etc., no dvr, no sports packages and no Blast internet...please once again remember I already have cost of Digital Starter, HD Tech fee & 2 dta's included with my association fees).  I have seen the supposed download speed increase commercials and have checked same on speedtest....regardless of whatever speeds are being shown, with minimal bandwith usage (sure you can check my stats to see that I hardly consume excessive amounts of bandwith), I still have to wait for pages to load and have spotty wi-fi coverage that routinely drops in and out. Have even had yet another service call to check wiring and install a range extender in the attic...helped a little but not much.


In addition, I don't even have the latest and greatest cable box (like my friends have where the guide looks like Netflix and the remote having increased functionality).  The box I have displays the guide on the blue screen which also routinely freezes up when trying to use the guide (when this happens "exit" doesn't work, "last" doesn't work, nothing works until entire screen goes blue and resets...found that when the ads to purchase On Demand movies and such change at the bottom of the guide, if trying to use the guide during one of these changes when the clock is close to the half or top of the hour, the problem happens more often)...I have taken many pictures to prove the instances that have happened in just the past week...please lmk if you'd like to see them and I'd be happy to email or post here.

I would appreciate a review of my account and request a representative contact me with available options/offers.  If nothing is available, please advise how I can cancel all services and receive just what's already paid for with my association fees.  Thank you for hearing me out & have a good day!

Re: request to please lower my bill which has more than doubled in 6 weeks

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not a Comcast employee, just a moderator. Pls observe Wheaton's Law.
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Re: request to please lower my bill which has more than doubled in 6 weeks

Hello delotto, I can assist you with lowering your bill. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, street address, and account number by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then "private message me"?