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"Loyalty" pricing is higher than new subscriber pricing. Help?

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"Loyalty" pricing is higher than new subscriber pricing. Help?

I'm planning to cancel my service for 90 days to regain access to "new customer" deals, and want to know if anyone has experience with how that went for them.


Like most subscribers, my price keeps going up. Every six months to a year, I have to call to try to keep it down. Sometimes I accept a lower speed. Once I accepted a TV bundle that was literally cheaper than the deal without TV. It felt like a game I was losing, because how is that reasonable?


The person I was sent to when I asked about canceling tried to tell me that there was literally nothing she could do but put me on a 12 month contract for a lower speed at the same price. That was the loyalty incentive to retain a customer of 7 years. I was looking at that same Internet Essentials package online as we spoke, for $10 less if only I had that coveted "new customer" status.


Because new customers always have better pricing available. She told me it's to defray the installation fees, but it's been free installation for years, and is advertised as free installation now. I felt lied to, and taken advantage of for not canceling on the spot. Having hooked a fool (me), they're going to insist that I pay more than my hypothetical neighbor just because I'm clearly not going to cancel after 7 years.


So - planning to cancel. Any tips?


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David CS

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Re: "Loyalty" pricing is higher than new subscriber pricing. Help?

Yeah they just raised my Bill by 40$!!!!!!

I want to cancel my service with Xfinity, you all have continued to slowly raise my rate and im a loyal customer auto pay everytime never late!!! 

And now i cant speak with anyone to cancel but you can raise my rate, I WANT TOC ANCEL MY SERVICE WITH YOU!!!