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modem charges on owned modem

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modem charges on owned modem



Several years back (maybe 10), I had my own modem and a Comcast employee/contractor who visited my residence to troubleshoot some issues assumed it was comcasts and swapped my modem which was under warranty (new) with your company owned modem without notifying me or anyone at my residence at that time. I immediately called comcast and visited a local store to rectify this issue. Comcast was unable to get me back my modem but assured that they would transfer the ownership of the modem at my residence to me. I was not happy with the situation but reluctantly agreed since there seemed to be no other option.


Sometime last year, I recieved a message from Comcast that the modem at my residence was yours and that you would start charging me for it. Since them I have talked to several of your personal in your stores (2 stores), on phone (4 personal) and everyone promised to follow up but I havent hear back from anyone. In the meantime you have continued to charge me for the modem every month. I am really frustrated with how you have started billing me for the modem with no explanation on why/how and that you have not given me any opportunity to contest. The only data I have to suppot my case is that you have not been charging me for the modem for the last decade. Can I get an explanation of why you were not charging me before (which I contest is because I owned the Modem), instead of burdening me with showing you proof of somethign that happended a decade back?