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lowering my bill please and thank you

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lowering my bill please and thank you

lowering my bill please

I have been a customer since moving to FL in 2005 & always pay ontime.  I moved in 2014 & after numerous installation disasters (comcast outside contractor lost cable line in the wall, blew a fuse, destroyed an electric outlet and unnecessarily drilled holes in my ceiling & still couldn't install cable...shouldn't have been difficult since previous owner had cable & internet...wound up with comcast supervisor and waited 3 more days for real comcast employee to fish lines that were lost in the wall and another week for a comcast hired electrician to patch ceiling hole, replace electrical outlet & fuse) I finally had tv & internet.


I was assured by the many people I had to speak with because of the multiple visits to fix the subcontractors mistakes that I would be eligible for additional promotions after the 1st year (they wouldn't give me so much as even a month of service free for blowing out my electrical outlet and fuse or for drilling hole in my ceiling or for the 2 days I had to take off work to wait around for the supervisor, 2nd tech and then the electrician).  So I had my 1st year and dealt with it.


As I'm sure you can see, Digital Starter is paid for through my association fees as well as HDtv & 2 DTA's plus all broadcast fees & taxes.


As an individual, in prior years when my monthly bill has increased, I've written to respectfully request pricing for the addtional services be lowered.  As of the January 5, 2019 billing, I was paying $19.99 for Performance Internet (I don't need Blast) and $9.99 for Digital Preferred.  I understand it was promotional pricing and I thank you for the consideration. 


On the February 5, 2019 bill, the Performance Internet increased to $27.22 and the Digital Preferred remained $9.99.  I had no issue with the increase and promptly paid the bill in full.


However, today, I received the March 5, 2019 invoice.  I noticed that the Performance Internet has increased again (even though it already increased on the February invoice) and is now $34.99.  This is $14.99 more than I was paying in January.  In addition, the Digital Preferred increased to $12.31 from $9.99.  


My entire bill in January totalled  $30.90 and on the March invoice is now $48.51.  Wow, that's a large percentage increase over the span of two months.  Please, I'm respectfully requesting a return to the $19.99 for Performance Internet and $9.99 for the Digital Preferred rates that are shown on my January invoice. 


I thank you for your time and consideration.  Have a great day! 


Grace DeLotto

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Re: lowering my bill please and thank you

You're going to have to call them to even try to get a straight answer, let alone any kind of help with lowering your bill.  They seem to really not care about long time customers.  The only promos, packages or specials go to new customers who find themselves in the same position when the promo, package or special runs out.  Good luck!