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bill payment issues -

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bill payment issues -

I am comcast customer for almost 15 years.  Due to some glitch on Comcast payment service,  comcast blocked my credit card for no error of mine.  The credit card is in good condition and I use it daily - no issues at all.


I called the customer service who mentioned that my card was blocked.  The card is fine but for some reason their system could not process and a block was placed.  So I requested the agent to unblock my credit card (i offered an alternate card as well) and re-enable my autp-pay.   Remeber, this was the form of payment that I have been doing for the last 10 years or longer. 


Now comast says that I cannot pay with a credit card for a full YEAR> I was told to pay via check or cash.  This is a huge incovenience to me for something that I did not cause.  


This is very sad - such as simple ask!! Hope comast will fix it!! I am certainly not pleased!!



a 15-year Comast Customer