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Yr2 Contract "Discount"

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Yr2 Contract "Discount"

Let me preface this by saying that I completely understand that I am supposed to be taken advantage of as a cable subscriber.  I can live with that.  What upsets me is the fact that a 2-year contract is called a contract when Xfinity had absolutely no designs on honouring the terms of the contract for 24 months.  Obviously, the representative did not mention the decrease in the contract discount by more than 10% at the beginning of the second year.  At no point during the conversation was I given a reason to believe that any portion of the bill would be different in year 2.  On my end, I'm locked into this "contract" for another 12 months and once again, that's fine, but at least be semi-honest with your customers and let them know what awaits them in year 2.  I'm sure this is one of a thousand complaints on this matter but I still wanted to share my displeasure on this matter.  Any response regarding fine print or details of the "contract" will technically be true but no less annoying considering the company at hand.  A little transparency these days would be welcomed when getting ripped off.  It would actually be refreshing.  


Re: Yr2 Contract "Discount"

Hi Ptcovino32 -- Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your contract. The agent who offers a contract option does have an obligation to disclose the parameters of the contract. That said, the contract has your pricing information clearly laid out so that it does not become a surprise if there is a change once the second year pricing rolls around. Both the agent and the customer have a responsibility with the contract. The agent should disclose the terms of the contract and the customer should review those terms. This would be true with any contract agreement with any company.