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Xfinity Inc. Rewards Center lies, lies,lies.Xfinity Company Lies ..

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Xfinity Inc. Rewards Center lies, lies,lies.Xfinity Company Lies ..

I am a loyal customer too Xfinity. I am current on all my bills with them. And as far as the requirements for a $500 rewards card I met the 3 month rule and the (original card ) ending in 1572 "Visa" this was sent too me Febuary 1st. Activated on Feb 17th 2018. I went to the store and made 1 purchase for $10 and the card got lost. The next day I found the number 2 call and cancelled the card. That was Feb 18th 2018 the rewards center told me there were 2 purchases made after mine totally $70 so I asked what is my balance he said $418.00 I said please send me my new card. He said everything has been processed and you will have card in 7-10 business day with the balance minus $10 for re issue fee. He said when you get it you can dispute the 2 charges you did not make. I said ok and waited. Later after waiting and calling the rewards center twice and escalating call i was told things were still in process and the card has not been mailed out even though they owed me that money even if I didn't dispute the $70 transaction there was well over $418.00 left. So I call Corporate in Philadelphia,Pa and created ticket Esl#03198445 and waited i was contacted by a Lauren B out of she said she would check on status of card and call me the next day. Next day came she never called and when I tryed too contact her she was not in that day even though she lied and said I will be here 2morrow and call you. So the call was transferred too the next available case manager who took my information and said she would get right on it and contact the rewards card center from corporate and get me my card issued. Well she lied. Come 2 find out she says she spoke with the rewards center and that there were further charges on the card"even though the card was cancelled" and that the card won't be issued without disputed the charges if I want new card and there was a balance of $161.24 so how am I responsible for charges after card was cancelled with $418 .00 balance ? I may pursue the bank and xfinty in court. Cause I still had $ there on the card I only used it once. And the card was completely cancelled with balance remaining on the card. And there is still money there now as of today March 2nd. 2018. I know for a fact the bank cant keep my balance or any of my $$$ on that card remaining. I know there are peramiters for cancelled card FDIC and charges unknown and cancellation responsibility. I know for a fact if I took it too court i would win with interest and court and fees. So the best thing for both of us is for xfinty too re issue my card with the balance that was on the card when reported lost. Secondary any any charges before cancellation can be and will be disputed. I would hate too cancel all my services which includes Xfinity Cable Xfinity mobile Xfinity internet and Xfinity Home Alarm. When they want there $$$ they are good too take mine. But when they owe you money theres excuses and then lies. I just may cancel every service i have from them. Because Xfinty and the rewards center are nothing but Liars and very very unprofessional. Thanks for reading this.signed Steven Montoya from Denver,Colorado.March 2nd, 2018
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Re: Xfinity Inc. Rewards Center lies, lies,lies.Xfinity Company Lies ..

Hi, SGM5370 - I can check the status of your Prepaid Visa Card. Please send me a private message with your full name, the account holder's name and address as it listed on the billing statement, a phone or account number. Click on my name ComcastElla, then click Private Message Me. Thank you. 

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