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Why are the prices for services 100% hidden???

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Why are the prices for services 100% hidden???

The *only* way to discover rates is to talk to a rep, and even then they chance seemingly at random whenever Xfinity wants.


My service ended last month, and now that it's been 1 year suddenly my monthly service costs $95 instead of $60. I need to cancel the bundle deal with internet and Xfinity TV which I was talked into that I really insisted I didn't want, but they pushed onto me. I just want internet alone, but have no idea of what the rates are.


The absolutely silly part is that there *is* a portion of the website that pretends to let you change your service package, but it's been down for months!!!! (By months I mean that I have been trying to "Modify my service package" since I signed a year ago and have never once seen it not be "currently down for maintenance.") I am beginning to suspect it has never and will never work. Simply too convenient for them to hide from competition.


Is there any plan to offer any kind of way to modify my service package online???