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Website pulling unauthorized billing info?

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Website pulling unauthorized billing info?

I logged in to pay my bill today - as I've done for many months - and was stunned to see a credit card listed as my default payment option.


The thing is....I only got this credit card two days ago.  I have only used it to log into the credit card's site and activate it.  I do not "save" cards on my computer, ever.


I'm not naive enough to believe that just because I didn't actively save something that the data isn't stored somewhere on my computer, but I am concerned about this data being pulled off my computer by Xfinity and imported to use as my *default* payment info....


Honestly, I'm pretty sure this has happened before - I've logged on going, "I don't recall entering that payment method", but I might have within the last month.  But this time I'm sure I did not enter the information.  I'm really concerned about this.

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Re: Website pulling unauthorized billing info?

Hi, Kylemac - We don't have any access to your bank information as well as to any other information you enter online. When did you set up your last payment?