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Was told I wouldn't be charged....

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Was told I wouldn't be charged....

Comcast automated service called me and said that my old modem was out of date and that I need to go online and order a new one. I went online ordered.. modem came the following Monday, I hooked everything up modem was working just fine. The following day the internet starts to mess up again  sadly like it always does, so I take this time to call in because its very frustrating when you pay for a service you cant use. The tech couldn't help me said I needed to have someone come out she then tells me that "there is a 60 dollar service fee" which I then told her that I pay for the protection plan and she said "oh, i see it here" and then go on to say "THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE" LIES!!. The tech finally makes it to my house comes in goes into my attic comes back out and say "ok, you're all set the guy before me had the wiring going all over the place" he leaves. Today I look at my bill and what do I see a 60 dollar in home service fee for new installation even though there was nothing new installed. Comcast call it "new installation" because i got the modem three days beforehand that they told me i needed which of course makes no sense to me. I been with this company for 11 years despite the many outages and despite paying for the protection plan for 11 years at $5.95 a month ($785.40) Comcast/Xfinity still had to figured out how to get more money for a service that did not happen. Very disappointed and really thinking about making a change in service providers.

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Re: Was told I wouldn't be charged....


Hi mboyd1702, I can address your billing concerns here. To better assist you, please send me a private message with your full name, and account number by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then click "Send a message".

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