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Wanting to switch from Phone/Internet/Cable to just internet

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Wanting to switch from Phone/Internet/Cable to just internet

Hi, tried contacting Comcast yesterday about going from a triple to single (HA). I mean I understand and know they have to try to do what they can for comission and upsell you other offers. All I really want is internet, but they kept saying it would cost me about $100...Does that sound right?

Also what should I be asking for in regards to internet speed? Thinking just need 60 MBPS.

So all we really do is when at home is watch videos on HULU, Netflix, or Amazon. Other times surf the internet, do homework, and wife plays WOW.


Just curious what I should ask for? It is a bit diffiuclt to look up other packages offered becuase when I do it tells me to call customer service.

Figure I want the Performace, Blast, or Extreme Pro...Would it be better to suffice for basic cable lineup and internet.


Wanting to keep the bill $70 or less.


Appreciate any information can offer up. Plan to contact Customer Service again today.

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Re: Wanting to switch from Phone/Internet/Cable to just internet


Hello wcsu1987, I can look into some internet only deals in your area for you. Please send me a private message with your full name, street address, and account number by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then "private message me" and we can get started. 

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