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Want to like Comcast, but

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Want to like Comcast, but

The biggest complaint I have with Comcast is they charged me 3 months rental on my cable modem.  They even made me prove it was mine and credit me back appropriately.  That was the last straw, got an RCA ant antenna, with tons of over the air digital channels.  Now I only have internet, but just saw my bill go from $39 a month to $79 end of promotion.  Will not give me another one unless I bundle or disconnect service for six months.  Told Comcast representative they would give me a better deal once I research.  When I researched, I discovered ATT fiber is in my area.  Have already scheduled an installation.  What’s more is, I will get 1000mps for $80.  So it’s a no brainer, will switch after installation of fiber.  Best advice for Comcast, stop your pricing schemes.  Just charge more than introduction, and not super inflate bill.  Your monopoly is being broken up.  There is now more competition than ever.  Fix your pricing and customer service or bleed customers.

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Re: Want to like Comcast, but

Hey Farcluun, 


Sorry you feel this way. If you change your mind in the future, please feel free to reach out to us.