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Unlimited data scam?

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Unlimited data scam?

Let me get this straight, when reading promotional content for the plan I have had for years, the copy says I can expect to have up to 11 devices connected to my WIFI gateway with no perceivable negative impact on speed, more or less. This sounds great, right? Except that now due to COVID-19 and various other factors, I'm learning that it's literally impossible to stream data to even half as many devices—let's say six—without using more than the allotted 1.2TB data cap. If that happens, which it has, as of May, 2020, my account is subject to a data overage surcharge, now costing me an additional $10 per 50GB data overage block.<br><br>That's not good at all. Matter of fact, as a very long time Xfinity customer for 20y+, now paying over $190 mo for my plan, I'm now looking at Xfinity bills closing in on the $250-270 range. Because my apartment building signed some exclusive deal with Xfinity, I can't sign up with anyone other than Xfinity, and frankly there really isn't any competitor on the Westside anyhow, so per usual, I'm the victim of corporate exploitation by Xfinity—once again.<br><br>I've tried to find the way to upgrade my account to "Unlimited data," something you'll see all over this <br>forum, and just about any Xfinity forum, to be honest, but cannot find anywhere on the Xfinity site to request my account be upgraded to UNLIMITED DATA. Why is that?<br><br>Why do I pay upwards of $2250 a year, including the ridiculous SPORTS PROGRAMMING FEE, even though I've NEVER watched sports programming in my entire life, to Xfinity, who promotes their services as being more or less "robust enough to easily handle up to 11 devices simultaneously without slowing things down," yet fail to disclose that running that many devices will certainly cause your data usage to go beyond the 1.2TB cap, for which they'll assess your account a punitive data usage surcharge? <br><br> If that isn't a SCAM, I don't know what is anymore. A data cap and violation surcharge inn 2020?<br><br>In closing, I request that an Xfinity representative, or reasonable facsimile, please instruct me how to directly request an upgrade to my account, to include UNLIMITED DATA, please? (Before I go completely insane with this horrible exploitative commerce set-up that Xfinity is running here)
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Re: Unlimited data scam?

Hi there, @platelicker


I can double-check into your account to see if there is promotional pricing available to you for the unlimited data. Can you please private message me your full name? Thank you for posting to our forums. 
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