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Uninformed charges

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Uninformed charges

I upgraded from a $154.88 Cable Plan (bill) to an X1 Preferred Secure Plan with a payment of $235.13 for the first six months. On month seven my new monthly service bill will be $195.13 a month for 18 months. My service agreement states the following: $195.13 for the first six months and $172.03 (which excludes one time charges) for the remainder of my 2 year(s) agreement. Well as expected, the agent DID NOT state or inform me that I would be charged two installation fees for one visit- $16.66(per install) x 2 for six months equals $199.92. I also was not informed I am expected to pay $41.62 for six months which equals to $249.72 for security sensors. I am aware, home security, cable and internet access are costly. However, my concern is- I SHOULD HAVE been informed that I was going to be charged $199.92 for installation instead of $99.96 plus $249.72 for security equipment BEFORE I received my first new bill. As of today, I will NOT recommend Xfinity/Comcast Services to my friends and family because in my opinion, the service price and fees provided prior to receiving service will be more when the service bill or statement arrives. In my mind I believe I was deceived.

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Re: Uninformed charges

Hi Simpsofine -- I can help you with your billing concerns. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number. I will review your account to see if you were not informed of these charges.