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Unfair charge

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Unfair charge

I had a bad service reception for about a week. Called for help and, after a long time on the phone, they suggested I get a new box. So I did but it did not fix my problem and, after again a long time on the phone and no fix, the agent told me that a repair man was needed. A couple of days later the serviceman fixed the problem. On my next bill a service visit charge was added. I called to complain and was told that the charge would be cancelled. On my next bill again the charge showed up plus a charge for a late fee on the service charge. Again I called and, after talking to several agents, I was told that the charge was legit and I would have to pay it. Since when does a costumer have to pay for repairs to the system that is not delivering what I pay for?

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Re: Unfair charge


I would like to look into this for you from here. To protect the privacy of your account, can you provide your full name, street address including city, state, and zip code (and apartment number if one is associated), and the full account number or phone number associated with your services. To send a private message click on my name, then click private message me.