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Undisclosed equipment fee

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Undisclosed equipment fee

Anyone else being misled about the price of your bill?

I agreed to change the package I had to a better one, only because it was supposed to be cheaper than what I was paying. I asked numerous times what I would be paying and was repeatedly told $145. Well, turns out I’m paying $165 due to an equipment fee I was never told about. Apparently it’s on the rundown I agreed to, but when I agreed to it, I was led to believe it was already included in the $145. I repeatedly made sure my bill would be $145.
I called today and asked them to remove the charge. They told me they would credit me $175, which wasn’t actually a credit or compensation because it was just them removing the installation fee and a service charge from a canceled visit. Let’s get this straight: they had already told me they would comp the installation fee from the start. I got 3 reps to make notes for me, and yet they still claimed there wasn’t a note. Also, the service fee for the canceled appointment was their fault anyway because their system wasn’t working when we called and they apparently didn’t follow through with canceling the appointment once it got up and running. Yet, the person I spoke with today said she was doing me a big favor.

I told them I just wanted some compensation for being misled by their employees, but they refused to credit my account for the hidden charge. I told them I would take my business elsewhere if they are willing to apologize for misleading me but not try and make it right. I was told to do that.

Comcast, all I was asking for was an olive branch of some sort. $100 credit could keep my business, which is the same as waiving an installation fee, yet I was turned away.