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Transfer service nightmare

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Transfer service nightmare

I am discussed with Comcast beyond belief! My transfer nightmare started almost a year ago in June I moved to a different apartment unit I asked for services to be transferred to my new address. A service technician came to my new address and connected the cable. For the record this new address was in the same city state and apartment building. Just a different unit number.I asked him to please install cable in all four rooms, he said he couldn’t. That would be too much power for the router in the living room and instructed me to get a Roku stick. I paid the bills as they came including the installation fee. Two months later my cable was disconnected. I called Comcast to find out why and was told because you moved... of course I moved and had my services transferred to the current address with a technician. The representative then told me.. you have multiple accounts and she disconnected the wrong one. she then connnected the services. Fast forward 5 months later. I get a call from a collection agency saying i owe Comcast almost $500 and haven’t made a payment since September 2018... I had just made a payment 1/18/2019 and was very upset and confused. The rep told me that whenever I move Comcast creates new account and I need to pay on this particular one. I called Comcast and learned that after all this time they had never “linked” my old balance to my new address. Now this balance and my current balance are demanding to be paid. That fact that an account from September al the way until January had not been properly linked it’s not my fault. No one was of any help and due to the amount being sent to collections Comcast couldn’t see how to write this wrong off of my account. . As a costumer since 2012 I’m tired of the disappointment and treatment that I get from Comcast and am on the verge of leaving. I absolutely refuse to pay this amount and will not stop until this wrong is corrected. This is just one of the many many issues I’ve had.
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Re: Transfer service nightmare

Hi there, ashleyingram912. I apologize for the experience you received. I want to do my best to improve it. 

Can you please private message me your full name? Thank you for posting to our forums. 

To send a private message, please click my name "ComcastMartin" then select "Send a Message" on the right side.

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