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Told charge wouldn't happen so I cancelled my account - now they want $300. Lies!

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Told charge wouldn't happen so I cancelled my account - now they want $300. Lies!

Asked about terminating my account and was told there would be no fees given the situation. They said fees may pop up momentarily then go away. Great! So I terminated my account using this information and then recieved a bill. They said if this happens, no problem just call and say you dispute which will mean we take it of in 3-5 business days! So easy right?


Didn't happen, still charged. So I call and they say our mistake! 3-5 business days you'll get an email saying charge has been reversed Smiley Happy didn't happen.


Calling now talking to the 4th or 5th representative on this issue. She is the first agent to say they will not reverse the charge and all the previous agents actually didn't put notes about it (even though they said they did). 


So everyone else just lied? I made the decision to terminate based on a lie and they charged me for it? Incredible. 


Supervisor told me that I should've called more times before making any decision in case the first few employees were wrong. So don't ever call just once to get a deal, or information! Xifinity says themselves you should talk to may different people from the same company to make sure nobody is lying!


He confirms that employees can lie and if you make a decision based on a lie then they could potentially be fired but you still have to pay. Seems like a good business model - they can never prove to me that they are 'firing' emplyees but they CAN charge you based on lies from employees. He confirms this!


He says get everything in writing or it is meaningless to them. Remember when I was told I would get an email confirming everything in 3-5 business days? Don't trust them if they say you can have it in writing, they will not send it!


PS if a representative ever tells you they are making a 'note' on your file please know that they could be writing anything and nothing. 

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Re: Told charge wouldn't happen so I cancelled my account - now they want $300. Lies!

Hello, mandy1jor.

Our early termination fee policies are in place to ensure that every customer is treated equally. If you still have concerns about your account/bills, please feel free to send me a Private Message and I would be more than happy to review the situation. 


To send a private message, click my name "ComcastTambrey", then click "send a message".

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