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Service discount expired

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Service discount expired

Hello there. I had a 2-year agreement that expired about a year ago. I've never been able to renew it; the local store said there were no new bundle promotions. We have the Triple Play bundle. Apparently we were getting a $25 service discount which expired 4/30/20. I didn't know we were getting that. How can we get that discount back? Or qualify for Senior Discount? My wife is 65, and I am 60. 


My main complaint about your customer service is that you can't talk to an actual human anymore. It's all automatic robo chat here, or text messages, and I don't like doing business that way. We can't go to local Xfinity store, because of the Pandemic, everything's closed down here in Illinois. 


We recently purchased a streaming stick, and are SERIOUSLY considering dropping all cable TV services, and getting an HD antenna. Only reason we still kept your service is because (before the Pandenmic) we were waiting for Comcast and Marquee Network to seal a contract so we can watch the Cubs. 


Don't highlight the fact that there's over 1,400 channels. You have about 100 of those repeating 3-4 times throughout the Channel guide. 


Please respond soon about getting a new discount. Otherwise, we will become former Comcast subscribers for cable TV.