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Service Discount ended w/o notification; July bill not sent;

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Service Discount ended w/o notification; July bill not sent;



In early July two things occurred in my account, without notification:  (1)  My one-year service discount expired, resulting in a higher than previous regular monthly charge.   (2) At the same time, the security deposit I made one year ago was credited back to my account.


What seems to have happened is that my deposit was applied against my July service charge, and no notification for my July bill was ever sent.  When I received my August bill, I immediately attempted to revise my service plan and contact customer support to correct my July bill, but Xfinity online chat, SMS chat, and phone support are all unable to connect me with a representative at this time.


I would like to:


1)  Confirm that my August service charge will be correctly updated to reflect my new service plan.

2)  Revise my July service charge to match with my previous monthly charge, or reflect my new plan.

3)  Receive credit to my account for the difference.


I believe it was misleading for Comcast to fail to send an email notification for the July billing period, as with all other months.  I also believe it was improper to apply my deposit against a service charge balance without notifying me; I was explicitly assure this would not happen when I first made the deposit one year ago.