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Second Monthly Payment

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Second Monthly Payment

It's old !! Every month I log into xfinity web site to pay my bill. It says what the minimum payment is; therefore, I pay this amount. Later in the month, our internet starts the ' disconnect for five minutes' every hour. Once I pay some additional amount, it returns to normal operations.

I have been dealing with this [ Censored Word] since we retruned to xfinity; however, I am done. The very next time and I am gone in the darn ol' wind!!! I will return to Satalite : Dish Network, whereof I came from.

I only came here because of this great savings I will see monthly, and a connection that will nevdr go out. Neither of those statements is true. There was never a savings period, and, as described above, you play your games with the connections to " Ambush' an additional payment.

I feel, whatever the minimum payment listed on the web site states - then that is what it should be and that should be honored by the company. It just feels like an illegal practice to me.


Do you not update the payment history so I can see it??

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Re: Second Monthly Payment

Is this any help? (you have to log on to My Account)


I am not a Comcast Employee.
I am just a customer, volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.
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