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Hi Comcast Joe,

I sure would like your help as well.  As a disabled senior citizen, I rely on my internet service to be able to order groceries for delivery.  It has been exceptionally challenging the last two months with the COVID-19 virus and all the difficuties.  I had the Performance Starter internet for $34.99 and thought my plan renewed in January like it did last year.  Last month, I was shocked to see my rate was upped to $64.99!


After days on end and hours of frustration trying to contact a human being, I spoke with a lovely Xfinity lady who assured me she understood my situation, and would keep me at the $34.99 rate.  I paid the bill, but then got additional charges. 

Finally reached a gentleman a week or so ago and he also agreed that the folks in the Customer Loyalty (Retention) group would review the IVR tape and upon hearing the call, not to worry they would follow up with me.  To date, nothing has happened. 

I absolutely cannot afford the higher rate and will be at risk of losing my internet as I have no employment like many others, but being disabled, it is a dire need for me to survive.  Please help, I'd be grateful.  Sincerely Sunny Buck, Cape Coral