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Re: 2 year completion and bill spiking


Re: 2 year completion and bill spiking

@vijaymk wrote:


I notice that after the 2 year , my TV + Internet bundle bill amount is now very high.

It looks like moving to the competitor is best at this point.

Let me know if you can help bring down the bill amount. 

Good luck with that. We went from $80 a month to almost $120 now with about $10 or more of that being for sports fees and $10 for a second outlet and set top boxes that work right 25% of the time between locking up on the on screen display or refusing to switch channels properly. Best bet would be calling their retention department and see what they can offer you.


Right now they keep advertising a triple play around here for $80 a month. Yet I think we're switching to a cell phone for our phone sooner than later. Plus having their phone service means we HAVE to have one of their modems/bridges in our house and I'd rather have my own equipment so I can make minor tweaks to get the best service for my money. Good luck either way.

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Re: 2 year completion and bill spiking


CheapestGamer, I can take a look at our options to lower your rate. Please send me a private message with your full name, address, and phone number tied to your residential services for help.