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Price increase on modem rental in 1/2019

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Price increase on modem rental in 1/2019

Just noticed that Xfinity increased the modem rental from $11 to $13. The pricing information was on the last Page 6 of my December statement. 

When I signed up for Xfinity for a 2-year contract, I expected the price fixed for 2 years. Oh boy, Xfinity always can find ways to skim its customers. My modem is still the same, and I did not ask for a new one. How can Xfinity justify to charge more on an old modem?

I am stuck with the 2-year contract. However, I would not wait to switch out once the contract expires.


Re: Price increase on modem rental in 1/2019

Here’s the common misconception of the agreement in general. Equipment is not included nor covered by that agreement since it is an additional fee. Your contract only covers the actual service itself and equipment included in your service, if any. Gateway rentals haven’t been included in your service since you pay the rental fee.

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