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Poor Installation/Unfair Charges

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Poor Installation/Unfair Charges

A technician came out to do the initial install in July of 2017, that cost me $60. I've made multiple calls since that time due to data overuse and  X1 Platform connection issues.  My computer isn't connected because the technician said there was no outlet in the wall and I would need to buy something similar to a USB stick to connect using WiFi. For this reason, the Internet modem and phone were connected in one of the bedrooms.

My account was reviewed.  To my surprise, I found out that the technician had connected 3 TVs wirelessly instead of 1. This was the cause of data overuse. This lady said that I should have been given the option of coaxial connections and didn't understand why the technician used wireless boxes. The customer is supposed to get the type of connections they want, she said. Since it has been over 30 days, she told me I would have to pay for the proper installation. She could charge me $40 instead of $60. Telling her that I'd been calling since the initial install and that this was unfair didn't make a difference. 

Since connection issues continued, a
technician was sent out. I was assured that there would be no charge to me because from their end it showed a weak signal and accessing the Internet modem to reset it was difficult. The second technician came out and said that the wiring was a mess. Before cutting wires and rewiring, he said he took  pictures to show because Comcast technicians should take pride in what they do. He also said that the basement was wide open and coaxial connections could have been done initially including connecting the computer. He had no problem connecting 1 TV coaxially and getting rid of 1 wireless box. X1 Platform connection is no longer a problem for this TV and data overuse decreased considerably.

Well, I have been charged $60 for the tech visit. Two calls about the charge have been futile. Supervisors were supposed to review and contact me, but no one has. Today I was told there was nothing they could do. Whoever the supervisor was said the charge was valid.  I hope going in to a local office will help me. Maybe I could get help by going in to a local office, he said. I still need my computer, Internet modem and phone connected, and 2 more TVs connected coaxially. This will cost me another $60 for a total of $180. I can't afford theses charges. This is not fair to me because the first technician didn't do his job. 


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Re: Poor Installation/Unfair Charges

Hello Areej56. I can assist with reviewing the $60.00 technician visit fee you were recently charged. I can also help you get your additional TV's and service scheduled for install. Please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.