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Poor Customer Service

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Poor Customer Service

The Comcast/Xfinity customer service experience with online chat or by telephone:

1. Does not respect customers time

2. Is not simple

3. Does not make things right


Just today as I had been given (5) differnt explanations and amounts for the current bill and a one time plan change last month I remarked that it is very confusing and just simply wanted to know why the bill did not reflect what I was being told. The customer service rep who by their obvious speech in writing and most likely not in the United States remarked that it was, indeed confusing.


So, when all you are left with is the hope that the next bill will be correct and a difinite lack of proof or assurance, I can honestly say you promise as described on your website if worthless

Putting the Customer at the Center of Everything We Do

We are committed to respecting our customers’ time, simplifying their experience, and making things right if we fall short.