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Payment due date extension

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Payment due date extension

I've been a comcast customer since 1986. In the past I've extended my due date with no issues. It's been a blessing with pay check pay dates and other issues. Normally the automated system extends it for me and i give my card on file. Two times the payment did not get automatically deducted when the funds were indeed available. Coming home from work each time to find my services were disconnected. I'd then just make a quick phone call, speak to an agent or automated system and read my card number; the same one that was saved in your system, and my services were quickly restored. Just last month i did the same thing with an agent but was never told the extention service was no longer available only to come home from a long day of work again to no service. Long story short, after explaining my situation to an agent they restored my services with promise to oay and it was fine. I RELY on the extention due date each month. Is it absolutely certain that the extention is NOT available to me this month on the 12th?
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Re: Payment due date extension

Hello, sloaner2. I know what it's like needing just a few extra days to make that payment. I can certainly look into it and see what's going on for you. Please send me a PM with your first and last name so I may further assist you. 


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