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Payment Did Not Process Notification

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Payment Did Not Process Notification

On March 14 I used online bill pay to pay this month's bill for my service, I received an email on March 14 saying "Your payment is confirmed" and that my one time payment was scheduled to process on March 15. I got the bill for this upcoming pay period today and my bill from last pay period was included on it and labeled "Past Due." It appears some error occured with the payment and it never processed. My account is set up to email me notifications if my payment is not processed - but I never got a notification for this. Why did I not get a notification? I recieved a notification that my payment was confirmed and scheduled for processing, if I received a notification for that I should have received a notification that my payment was not processed. I have talked to several customer service representatives on both the phone and over chat and no one has been able to help me or even seems to understand what I am asking. 

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Re: Payment Did Not Process Notification

Hi, notificationhel - I can check what happened to your payment notifications. Please send me a private message and include your full name, the account holder's name and address as it listed on the billing statement, a phone or an account number. Thank you!