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Ownership Change Requested

Apparently I need to create a public post to request a change of ownership to my account:
This is completely nonsensical, but here I am.
We know that there are times when you may need to change the ownership of a Comcast account. For example, you may need to handle the account of a friend deployed in the military, or you may experience a death in the family or another life-changing event. We are here to help.

What to Do

Post your request here or contact us via one of our other contact methods outlined here. Our agents will ask that you provide information in regards to the type of account change you wish to make. They will ask you for some information they need to help process your request, including your email address.

Following your conversation, you will receive an email with a link to upload your completed Account Change Request form and any necessary supporting documents. (You can review the Account Ownership Change Request Form to learn more about the documentation that is required.)

If you don't have an email address, you can simply download the Account Change Request form here, fill out the necessary information and bring it to your local Xfinity Store along with your required supporting documentation for further assistance.

The change of account ownership may result in the disconnection of the existing account and creation of a new account, depending on the scenario.

Please allow three business days from your time of submission for a representative to contact you about completing your account ownership change request.