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No way to change payment settings

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No way to change payment settings

My debit card was recently stolen and needed to be cancelled, that debit card is the payment info I have on file for my xfinity service. However, in an attempt to actually switch the payments (so that I don't receive late fees or other harrassment), I was completely prevented from doing so. 

The Xfinity website is such an atrocious mess: no hyperlinks work, multiple buttons just take you to the exact same page (spoiler alert: it's the page you're already on), and I can't seem to find anywhere on this website that will allow me to effectively change my payment info. 

I don't have the time to go into a store, nor the time to sit on hold on the phone forever (or at a computer waiting for a stupid private message) just to change how my ******* payments are processed. I know in a few days, you guys are either going to send me late fees or cancel my service, neither are acceptable when you don't ALLOW me to actually pay you...This is not an issue for literally any other company in exsitence, I have never been prevented from simply accessing my own account info on a company website. Fix your system, and don't give me a response if it's just going to be "Call/Private Message us". 

I thought this was a professional business? The website genuinely feels like some high school dropouts made it, realized it was broken, and gave up.

Nevermind, I'll just deal with it, this won't actually change anything anyway.