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NHL Center Ice Billing Problem

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NHL Center Ice Billing Problem

I ordered NHL Center Ice using my Xfinity X1 voice remote.  When I ordered NHL Center Ice, I selected the option to be billed in monthly installments and confirmed the monthly payment option.  When I received my paper bill, NHL Center Ice was billed as a single payment not the monthly installments as I confirmed through my cable box.


I can't afford to pay it in a single payment.  I can pay for NHL Center Ice in the monthly payments which is how it was ordered through my cable box.  I need my services so that I can work to pay my Comcast bill.  The latest error comes on top of my Comcast bill payment getting credited to someone else's account.  I was told by Comcast representatives that the error was corrected so it was okay to throw away the documentation showing the error which I did.  It turns out the error has never been corrected to this day.



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Re: NHL Center Ice Billing Problem

Hi PearlGirl3,


I can help address your billing concerns. Please send me a private message by clicking on my name, "ComcastChe" then click private message me. In the body of this message please verify your first and last name, the phone number, street address, and the account number associated with your services.