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My October Bill

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My October Bill

You have billed me for a service call in October that I should not be billed for. I was having nothing but problems with my internet and had techs our here 3 times. 1st time I was told my modem needed to be replaced. Was replaced and no no difference. Had to come out again was told he was going to switch out the new modem. He did not do that. Not sure what he did but was still not fixed. Came out this last time.  He had to go outside and do something, also knocking out my neighbor belows service all of it.  They fixed it, both of ours. I had asked them to please let me know when my neighbors was fixed cus then they had to fix that. They left without saying a word to me! I have been with you forever and I lease this equipment. If you look at how many times you had to come out and I had to reset me connection you will see what Im talking about. Why was I charged for this service call?  I didnt do anything and comcast set up everything everytime. Really angry, maybe will go elsewhere. When I called about this bill on November 13 I spoke to a Christopher who agreed with me that I should not be charged and said heh would take the $60.00 charge off. I called today and it was still on there. I spoke to 2 people who told me it was legitimate and that I owed it, including a supervisor named Sanje.  So, not only was  I lied to on the 13th, Im still being told I owe this. 

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Re: My October Bill

Hi, Deb38. That sounds frustrating! Please send me a private message with your name so I can look at your service call history and we will get this figured out. 


To send a private message, please click my name "ComcastMorgan" then select "Send a Message" on the right side.


Thank you!

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