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Misinformed by employee, company decides to enforce policy, never received bill in mail and more!

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Misinformed by employee, company decides to enforce policy, never received bill in mail and more!

Misinformed by employee, company decides to enforce policy after not doing so before, never received bill in mail  and more!


The headline says most but not nearly all of it.  I've spent over 5 hours this weekend on the phone with Comcast.


Firstly, for the first time ever, my bill didn't come in the mail.  I don't know why.  So I decided to call to look into when I owed money next.  The last time I called, a gentleman around roughly August 4th, 2018 informed me that when I made my promise to pay by August 15th that I would get a new cycle of 30 days beofre I had to wrory about getting my cable shut off.  


Then when I spoke with them yesterday tey told me the opposite.  


I've spoken with 3 Supervisors and 1 Support Agent who all agreed that there was a policy that has long been on the books but was not being enforced.  On My August 4th call I was informed about how my billing would work after my "by August 15th" payment based on when Comcast was NOT enforcing their own policy (the non-enforcement of their own policy and the recent decision to begin enforcing it was all confirmed by 3 Supervisors and 1 Support Agent).


The problem I have is, I was informed one thing, and now I'm being told something totally different.  How was I supposed to know this policy was going to get suddenly strict on people in the company?  HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT WHAT A COMCAST REPRESENTATIVE TOLD ME ON THE PHONE EITHER WASN'T TRUE OR WAS GOING TO GET CHANGED? (sorry caps for emphasis)  But really, how am I supposed to know somehting I was told on the phone got changed?  Really?


Now I'm not a bum.  I want to pay and get caught up quickly.  I proposed the following:


My bill is due tomorrow or I will get turned off.  I owe a total of roughly $400.  I would need to pay roughly $194 tomorrow or I will get services turned off but I can't do it.


My proposal was to allow me to pay $320 on September 7th, 2018 and then pay the remainder (roughly $84) plus the new bill that would be due September 27 (roughly $200). 


This would mean I would be willing to pay over $600 to Comcast according to the above terms .  This would be in the next 25 days!  I would have  $0 balance and have paid Comcast over $600 in the next 25 days with my next bill not due until October 27, 2018.  


Sounds doable to me....


Please help.  Bill is due tomorrow. 


I need to speak to Manager or someone who can please help me from a human side.  Someone who will think rationally.  instead of just hitting me with "policy, policy, policy". 


Comcast Xfinity ran this probably multi-million dollar ad campaign about Customer Service and how much you'retrying to get better at it.  Here's the chance.  


I look forward to someone hopefully helping me tomorrow.  I will be checking my message first thing in morning as cable will be turned off tomorrow without payment of $192 as of now.

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Re: Misinformed by employee, company decides to enforce policy, never received bill in mail and mor

I forgot mot important part! 


The evening of August 25th the Supervisor was clearly annoyed with having to speak with me.  I could hear him taking deep breaths and making annoyed sighs whne I began to speak.  It was nearing 9pm (which unbeknownst to me at the time is when the Call Center closes) and for some unknown reason, the call just disconnected!  Poof.  I call back and the automated machine says the call center is now closed.. HA!  I'm pretty sure that guy hung up on me. 


The Supervisor I spoke to on the evening of August 26th was a nice gentleman.  He just couldnt help me.


Please help me.

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Re: Misinformed by employee, company decides to enforce policy, never received bill in mail and mor

Hello, RegularGuy13 - 


Let's take a look at the bill together. I know how important it is to make sure your services stay active. Can you please send me a PM with your first and last name? Thank you. 


To send me a Private Message, please click my name “ComcastAlly” and click “send a message.”

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